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  • KETO Journey Day 15

    Today marks half way of my Keto month. After an amazing workout Saturday, I skipped 2 workouts. I simply could not make the time. Tomorrow I will go back in the early am. Let’s see how it goes. I think I’m able to make it thru 2 more weeks..... because I know a huge plate of pasta like you see he... View Post
  • KETO Journey - 8 Days to go :)

    Today I stuffed zucchini and portobello mushrooms with a mixture of spinach, ricotta and feta. Garnished them with tomatoes and topped it all with more cheese. I have to say I’d make that as a side dish anytime. That was tasty:). So, I’m 3 weeks in. Energy levels are up and seemingly increasing. ... View Post
  • KETO Mac 'n Cheese Day 11

    I made Mac n cheese yesterday. It was good but did not resemble Mac’n cheese at all. It simply tastes like a cauliflower gratin. I’m hanging in there, waiting for the energy I’m used to have kick back in. I’m supposedly in Keto flu. Everything is fine but I decided to skip the gym til the weekend... View Post
  • KETO Journey Day 7

    A week has passed and Keto has treated me pretty well. I don't mind skipping the carbs. Like expected, I did drop the water weight. 8 lbs to be exact. Now let’s see if I can keep it there as I’m not wanting to drop weight but gain energy and lift heavier. My appetite is just about gone. I’m not h... View Post
  • KETO Day 3

    I really have zero complaints so far. I’m not hungry, I have no cravings. I was fine at the gym besides cardio. That I simply could not do. I usually push myself to my limits for 30 minutes. This am I barely made it thru 10 minutes at super slow pace. I was simply out of energy despite consuming ... View Post
  • Keto Diet - Post 1

    So I changed my mind regarding never touching a Keto diet. I have been lifting really heavy lately. I do know that body builders use Keto right before competitions to drop the fat they put on while training. I will give it a chance. I don’t need to drop weight but want to see what will happen to ... View Post