KETO Journey - 8 Days to go :)

Today I stuffed zucchini and portobello mushrooms with a mixture of spinach, ricotta and feta. Garnished them with tomatoes and topped it all with more cheese. I have to say I’d make that as a side dish anytime. That was tasty:). So, I’m 3 weeks in. Energy levels are up and seemingly increasing. I usually get a 3 pm tired spell. Not today. I was fully awake the entire day and I still am now, 15 hrs. into it. I glad I made it this far on my Keto adventure. Hopefully I’ll make it thru the next 8 days. Not easy when I open the fridge and there is a bunch of veggies smiling at me. Or those oranges on the kitchen table! How can one not peel about 3 of them and indulge?! Just saying.... not complaining 😳😳

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