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    The trick to eating pasta and not gaining weight is simple for me: add at LEAST half the amount of veggies and protein. I grew up right next door to Italy. Pasta is no stranger to my lunch or dinner table. Please try to have some sort of portion control going on. Try eating several smaller meals ... View Post
  • Mayo 101

    So you despise mayo. But you love salad dressings. Well I’ve got news for you. Most salad dressings are based on mayo for thickening.Mayo is nothing but oil and egg-yolk beaten and spiced up. Problem is that commercial mayo is made cheaper than oil and eggs already are and simply is not good for ... View Post
  • KETO Journey - My Conclusion

    I made it:) I was actually able to make it thru almost the entire month. I cut my adventure short by 4 days. Reason being: I was out of energy, the exact reason why I gave this much-loved diet a try. My cut and dry opinion of Keto: I think like any other diet out there it is not the way to go if ... View Post
  • Vegetarian KETO Day 27

    No matter how good they make it look like, this Keto way of eating is pure discipline. Sure, you can eat that piece of apple pie. But it takes up lots of your carbs for the day. This is day 27 and I’m struggling. I want food, real food and lots of it☹️. My guess is that if someone is overweight b... View Post
  • KETO Journey - 8 Days to go :)

    Today I stuffed zucchini and portobello mushrooms with a mixture of spinach, ricotta and feta. Garnished them with tomatoes and topped it all with more cheese. I have to say I’d make that as a side dish anytime. That was tasty:). So, I’m 3 weeks in. Energy levels are up and seemingly increasing. ... View Post
  • Keto Food Pyramid

    The countdown is on. I got 9 days to go. I’m back to normal at the gym and had 2 great workouts over the weekend. I keep on sleeping like a baby which is unusual for me. My focus is always at 100% so I don’t see a change there. Food bores me, so I basically stuff everything I need into the blende... View Post
  • KETO Journey Day 18

    Yep, I made it almost thru day 18. I’m thinking the next few days will be a challenge. I got so tired of counting and adding carbs, fat and protein I basically stopped eating. I’m not hungry at all, so not eating is easy. However, without food I don’t have the energy at the gym I am looking for. ... View Post
  • KETO Journey Day 15

    Today marks half way of my Keto month. After an amazing workout Saturday, I skipped 2 workouts. I simply could not make the time. Tomorrow I will go back in the early am. Let’s see how it goes. I think I’m able to make it thru 2 more weeks..... because I know a huge plate of pasta like you see he... View Post