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  • Creamy and balanced PASTA PRIMAVERA

    DROP A POUND A WEEK WEEK 8 Balanced meals are the ticket to shedding some pounds in my non- professional opinion. Especially if we decided to do intermittent fasting.   Personally, I eat anytime I like, even when I need to reduce my weight. However, I focus on protein and portion size, add more v... View Post

    DROP A POUND A WEEK, week 5 By now we learned that eating too much and not moving enough is the most common reason for weight gain.   We learned that eating healthier automatically allows you to eat more while losing weight.  Think low-calorie veggies and high-protein foods. Combined, they will k... View Post

    HOW TO REACH YOUR WEIGHT LOSS GOAL     I call our lifestyle and eating habit changing program DROP A POUND A WEEK because one losing lb. a week is a realistic goal.   When we eat a little better and move around a little more, that one pound can melt off our hips, bellies, and thighs steadily w... View Post

    Mindless eating is not uncommon and one of the biggest reasons we gain weight.  It can be caused by BOREDOM, CRAVINGS, and for many moms, because they are eating their kid's LEFTOVERS to avoid food waste. Next time you are about to eat in between meals, ask yourself this question:  AM I REALLY HU... View Post
  • LOAD UP YOUR BOWL!! Drop a pound a week, week 2. year 11

    Hi everybody!  A week has passed, and I do hope you all started drinking a glass of water before each meal. If you did, I would not be surprised if that first pound came off your hips, tummy, derriere or wherever you put on weight easily. However, drinking more water is not only about feeling ful... View Post
  • LET'S DO THIS! Drop a pound a week 1, year 11

    The first thing I ask from clients when they ask me to help with weight loss is a picture of what she or he comes home with from the supermarket or gets delivered.    To me, it is a precise indicator of how and what a person or family eats. Do the same after your next food run. Put it all on a... View Post

    The trick to eating pasta and not gaining weight is simple for me: add at LEAST half the amount of veggies and protein. I grew up right next door to Italy. Pasta is no stranger to my lunch or dinner table. Please try to have some sort of portion control going on. Try eating several smaller meals ... View Post

    This silky and delicious soup is the perfect dinner for low-calorie days. Eat a bowl along with a green salad and you will feel amazingly light when you wake up the following morning.         I like to include a potato as it thickens the soup and gives it a little more body. It helps you to feel ... View Post