KETO Mac 'n Cheese Day 11

I made Mac n cheese yesterday. It was good but did not resemble Mac’n cheese at all. It simply tastes like a cauliflower gratin. I’m hanging in there, waiting for the energy I’m used to have kick back in. I’m supposedly in Keto flu. Everything is fine but I decided to skip the gym til the weekend with the hope to get back to at least normal. Climbing a flight of stairs sends my heart into racing mode. Not pleasant at all. In general, I miss eating a plate of food; not having to plan out every bite I put in my mouth. I start feeling the restriction of it all. I have to admit I have no cravings. No feeling of being hungry. My thoughts are as clear as always (I hope 😳) and my work is not being affected. As it stands right now, I think I can finish my trial month but that’s it. I like to think that I am a highly energized person. To give up energy in order to gain it back seems weird. Unless I’ll end up invincible with supernatural powers. Flying would be nice🤔. Today is day 11. I’m one third in😎

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