KETO Journey Day 7

A week has passed and Keto has treated me pretty well. I don't mind skipping the carbs.

Like expected, I did drop the water weight. 8 lbs to be exact. Now let’s see if I can keep it there as I’m not wanting to drop weight but gain energy and lift heavier. My appetite is just about gone. I’m not hungry to the point where I don’t want to eat. No cravings. I skipped the gym this weekend but will go tomorrow in the am. Instead of the gym I spent the weekend relaxing and having a little home spa. I got myself eucalyptus/ spearmint candles, body scrub and oil for ultimate relaxation. I have been sleeping like a baby all week which is unusual for me. After the aromatherapy I knocked out within seconds. I have to promise myself to make more time for these things.

First week conclusion: I like it. I feel well rested, totally relaxed and excited to see how the gym goes tomorrow😀

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