Let's not beat around the bush. Retraining your taste buds can be a lengthy process. It takes desire, intent, willpower and patience. 

 However, the reward is priceless.  Once you prefer natural, unprocessed foods you will never have to count calories again. The days of crash diets are gone. Your clothes will fit you year after year and whatever weight is your personal ideal is here to stay. 

 Should you be reading this post because you crashed your latest killer diet please keep on reading. I promise you I will not waste your time. I cannot and will not tell you that I can show you how to drop 25 lbs. in a month. 

 I will not suggest you go to the mall and get an entire wardrobe that is 3 sizes smaller than what you are wearing right now because I hold the secret to a slimmer you. 

 What I will suggest is this: start thinking about your food and drink intake. Try to wrap your thoughts around WHY you find yourself in a position where you want or even have to drop weight. 


 Go back in time and calculate how long it took you to gain the extra pounds. And there you have it: you will find some change that occurred around the time when the numbers on the scale started going up. Maybe you stopped getting taller; maybe you started eating more; maybe you started eating differently because you moved to a different country; maybe you got sick. Anything you feel might have been the reason most likely did cause the shift in your weight. 

 Bottom line is that something in our eating habits cause us to gain weight and this is where retraining our taste buds comes in. I can and I would like to help you with that exactly that. It's free, don’t your worry. 

 I am not a doctor and I am not a dietician. I do have full dietary training from way back in the days when I was still living in my home country but that's many years ago. I am a now 54-year-old woman living in the United States and I still eat the same way I ate back home. 

 At this point, please allow me to place a note to all of you out there who gained weight due to illness or medication: I am aware that eating too much or wrong does not explain extra pounds across the board. However, I do think that eating a more natural diet is beneficial for all of us, no matter what. So please keep on reading if you like. 

 I grew up in a small town of 3600 people in Switzerland. There was no take out. NONE. Our family sat around the dining table 3 times a day. Like my mom back then and still now, I make just about all my food from scratch. Personally, I prefer veggies to meat, cheese to sweets and water over juice or soda. I have retrained my tastebuds to honey from sugar, brown versus white rice, protein bars instead of cake, raisins over of candy and so forth.  

 My dear ladies (and guys if any of you are reading), so can you. So, let's get started today!  

 Here is your homework if you would like to join our family and retrain your taste buds this year: please take a notebook and 2 minutes every evening this upcoming week and jot down the natural things you ate or drank. Or what you think is natural. That's it.  

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Thanks for reading. See you next week! 

Yvonne, Warmables   

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