Prepping for my KETO

Reading up on Keto I realize just what a huge challenge this will be for me. It barely allows for more than a mouthful of veggies as they contain carbs. I eat a huge amount of fresh stuff every day. So, I surrender and came to a decision: I will cook 2 dishes to be in my kitchen. Those will use ingredients I can find in my local supermarket. And I will eat that all day long, following the Keto rules, until they are gone. Then repeat with other dishes . I don’t have much time to cook. I can’t spend time shopping. This vegetable egg casserole is perfect.

Tomorrow I will think about how to get enough protein into my stomach. Not easy to meet my needs of about 120- 150 grams a day given that I stay away from meat, chicken or seafood. Stay tuned😜

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