KETO Journey Day 15

Today marks half way of my Keto month. After an amazing workout Saturday, I skipped 2 workouts. I simply could not make the time. Tomorrow I will go back in the early am. Let’s see how it goes. I think I’m able to make it thru 2 more weeks..... because I know a huge plate of pasta like you see here is waiting for me at the end of the Keto tunnel🤓. As I see it right now, I’m sure there is a place for such a restrictive way of eating. I do know that it helps kids and adults with epilepsy. And I’m sure it helps a lot of people with serious obesity issues. As for me, I do not think I’d be interested in eating Keto permanently. Too many rules and regulations. I don’t feel that way about being a vegetarian. I’m not really a vegetarian, I just don’t like meat, chicken or fish. Therefore, I don’t eat it or seek replacement foods that simulate meat. I do not think eating meat is unhealthy, unethical or wrong. It’s just not for me. Just like I am now learning that Keto is not for me. But I can handle 2 more weeks. Curious where the energy levels go. Maybe I’ll change my mind, who knows🤔😀☀️

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