Mayo 101

So you despise mayo. But you love salad dressings.

Mayo Prep - Eggs and OilWell I’ve got news for you. Most salad dressings are based on mayo for thickening.
Mayo is nothing but oil and egg-yolk beaten and spiced up. Problem is that commercial mayo is made cheaper than oil and eggs already are and simply is not good for you.

So make your own😎. Takes no time, costs a fraction of store bought and it tastes exactly as you make it taste. Mayo is not bad at all. It’s a vehicle. A tool. A kitchen aid. Find a recipe. Try making it. Just make sure ALL YOUR TOOLS ARE SUPER CLEAN. Otherwise you just end up with an oily mess😜

Why do I know that?? I make my own every week. Good food is your best health insurance.

What is the point of eating salad if you pour garbage bottled dressing on it. Really?!


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