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  • Prepping for the day

    The 2 zucchini I chopped up here are a fraction of my daily veggie intake. That will all change tomorrow. UGH😩😩. This leaves the question of you know what: #2. With all the veggies, especially beets and beet juice, exercise and at least a gallon of water each day, I’m usually fine in that departm... View Post
  • Getting Ready

    I got one day left to eat as I please before I start my vegetarian Keto trial. Meantime I’m boiling eggs for egg salad, got protein powder and all I need to cook a few dishes. I dread Monday as much as I am curious about it. Let me tell you all, I signed up for a vegan diet a while back. I lasted... View Post
  • Vegetarian KETO Prep

    If you read my post yesterday, I figured out how to keep the daily carbs below 20 grams a day as needed to go into Ketosis. Today’s issue was easier; how can I get my daily 120-150 grams of protein and stick to the rules🤔. I have ordered vegetarian Keto protein powder. No carbs, plenty of protein... View Post
  • Prepping for my KETO

    Reading up on Keto I realize just what a huge challenge this will be for me. It barely allows for more than a mouthful of veggies as they contain carbs. I eat a huge amount of fresh stuff every day. So, I surrender and came to a decision: I will cook 2 dishes to be in my kitchen. Those will use i... View Post
  • Keto Diet - Post 1

    So I changed my mind regarding never touching a Keto diet. I have been lifting really heavy lately. I do know that body builders use Keto right before competitions to drop the fat they put on while training. I will give it a chance. I don’t need to drop weight but want to see what will happen to ... View Post