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  • Day 2 of My KETO Journey

    It looks like I’m making it thru day 2:)  Getting up at 4 was not a problem. As for my workout I had to dial it back big time . I guess that is to be expected after making such a huge nutritional change overnight. I did not feel hungry or sick at all. No headache, nothing besides being light head... View Post
  • KETO Journey Day 18

    Yep, I made it almost thru day 18. I’m thinking the next few days will be a challenge. I got so tired of counting and adding carbs, fat and protein I basically stopped eating. I’m not hungry at all, so not eating is easy. However, without food I don’t have the energy at the gym I am looking for. ... View Post
  • Keto Food Pyramid

    The countdown is on. I got 9 days to go. I’m back to normal at the gym and had 2 great workouts over the weekend. I keep on sleeping like a baby which is unusual for me. My focus is always at 100% so I don’t see a change there. Food bores me, so I basically stuff everything I need into the blende... View Post
  • High in fat and protein

    take a look... pics of what I ate on day one of my keto journey. My goal is to increase energy in order to be able to lift heavier at the gym 😛 View Post

    Almost caved! Not in my life did I ever think there is such a thing as overdoing it on salad. Go figure. Wow! This is day 6 of my Keto adventure. I’m fine. Cardio is still an issue, strangely weight lifting is not. My guess is that it’s the extra fat kicking in. I usually focus on protein for ene... View Post
  • First day on Keto

    I actually made it thru today without any problems at all. After focusing on the food just being fuel it tasted actually pretty good. My morning coffee with almond milk was perfectly fine. Then I had high fat veggie casserole, egg salad wraps and cauliflower turmeric soup for the day. I did go ov... View Post
  • There is that energy!

    HELLO??!! As in Pulp Fiction’s scene where Mia finds Vincent’s some point today I realized that walking upstairs does not make my heart beat faster any longer. So, I went to the gym. My workout was rather fantastic😎. 2 hours passed in a blink of an eye and I feel totally rejuvenated. ... View Post
  • KETO Journey Day 4

    I am now at the end of day 4 with my vegetarian Keto. I’m basically fine. My workday is normal, I don’t feel tired, hungry, moody or anything BESIDES: I can barely walk short distances. My heart starts beating extremely fast and I really have to focus. After my walk to work this morning I did hav... View Post