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  • Super load your breakfast with a protein blast

        I personally cannot tell you whether the chicken or the egg was created first, but I can tell you that I like eating eggs.  I go in phases where I eat them almost daily for a few weeks and then none for the next few or even months. I don’t decide on when those phases start or end, I just lose... View Post
  • Overnight Oats

    I grew up eating overnight oats. I actually never had them warm like Americans eat them for breakfast before I moved here. I still rarely eat them cooked. Most likely simply because I'm too lazy to do so and seem to like to stick to my Swiss roots 😊.    Back home we call overnight oats Bircher Mü... View Post

    Fiber has become a huge issue for many of us.   Most foods we eat have become so refined that they have little to do with the natural world and contain barely any fiber after processing. My guess is that most of us don’t know why fiber is needed until we have belly aches and potty issues. When we... View Post

    Last time we talked about replacing sugar with honey.   Please let me know how that works for you so far guys. Getting yourself into new habits is not an easy thing to do. Let me know your favorite thought about retraining your taste buds and what about it is hard for you.  Today's topic:  REPLAC... View Post

      Making the switch from refined sugar to honey.   I never liked nor ate honey until about 10 years ago. I was entering mid-life and allergies started bugging me. A bit in spring and then in a more serious way by the end of the summer. Bad enough that I had to take allergy meds as I was not able ... View Post

    Let's not beat around the bush. Retraining your taste buds can be a lengthy process. It takes desire, intent, willpower and patience.   However, the reward is priceless.  Once you prefer natural, unprocessed foods you will never have to count calories again. The days of crash diets are gone. You... View Post
  • Gym Rat Bake

    A fast to make high protein dish View Post
  • Mayo 101

    So you despise mayo. But you love salad dressings. Well I’ve got news for you. Most salad dressings are based on mayo for thickening.Mayo is nothing but oil and egg-yolk beaten and spiced up. Problem is that commercial mayo is made cheaper than oil and eggs already are and simply is not good for ... View Post