Last time we talked about replacing sugar with honey. 

 Please let me know how that works for you so far guys. Getting yourself into new habits is not an easy thing to do. Let me know your favorite thought about retraining your taste buds and what about it is hard for you. 

Today's topic: 


I agree that creamers can taste rather nice, make the coffee rich and thick. And looking at the nutrition label, many of them are not really what I consider” bad for you”. 

However, besides flavor and sweetness, they are rather on the useless side for your body. Your digestive system is not jumping up and down with joy once the creamer arrives. Check out the label on the bottle yourself please. What you will find next to dairy, sugar, artificial flavor and the thickener are preservatives. 

There is a huge controversy going on regarding preservatives. Please check out the link below for a first, good read on them. 

 Personally, I'd like to play the neutral Swiss Miss here. As you all know, I am neither a doc nor a nutritionist (but I actually am Swiss😊) so I am sitting this one out. 


Now that you have read up on preservatives, here is why I urge you to try protein powder in your coffee instead of creamer 

  I spend a lot of time in the gym and am always surprised how much energy a well-thought-out diet will deliver. Every person’s body is different and what works for me might not work for you. In my case, my entire protein intake is based on plant and dairy foods. Should you not be too familiar with nutrition, this translates to getting enough protein without exceeding my caloric needs can be a challenge.   

My first morning coffee is simple: strong coffee with a little milk right before the gym at 4 am. I spend about 90 minutes there, then I go home for more coffee and to get ready for work.  

For my second cup, I mix a scoop of protein powder into the milk and then add the coffee. It makes it so thick and sweet it is almost a bit much for my taste. BUT!! I have just given myself the first 25 grams of protein for the day. That is about 1/5th of my daily intake. My body requires that much protein as I lift often and heavy.   


 To conclude this post: get yourself a protein powder you like. Vanilla, coffee, cookies'n cream, even flavorless can be had these days. 

Use it instead of creamer.  

Just like you made the switch from sugar to honey, do it gradually. A little powder and creamer in the beginning, then change to protein only. It will thicken your coffee; give it the flavor you like. It will most likely be sweet enough for most of you without the addition of honey.   

We will talk more about protein some other time. For now, the more protein you put into your diet the less often you will feel hungry. It helps you build muscle which makes you burn more calories.  

There are many ways to get more protein into your body if you consider protein powder. I put it into my overnight oats. I also mix vanilla protein with orange juice. Don’t mock it before your tried it!! My 21-year-old son, also a gym rat, was floored when he tried it. It tastes very similar to an orange creamsicle. 

  Freeze orange juice into cubes, throw some in a blender along with still liquid OJ and a scoop of vanilla protein powder. And there you have it: a yummy, filling and protein loaded snack containing only around 200 calories. Sure, it does not taste exactly like a creamsicle. But that is the entire purpose of this post.... which concludes this segment of RETRAIN YOUR TASTE BUDS AND NEVER DIET AGAIN. 

Cheers to that my queens, kings and friends. See ya all in 2 weeks😊 


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