The trick to eating pasta and not gaining weight is simple for me: add at LEAST half the amount of veggies and protein. I grew up right next door to Italy. Pasta is no stranger to my lunch or dinner table. Please try to have some sort of portion control going on. Try eating several smaller meals a day. I eat maybe 4-5 times a day.  I am not a breakfast person so I skip that. Most days start with a protein shake once I feel hungry followed by a larger meal about an hour later. Then I have snacks such as yogurt, trail mix, cookies, carrots or cucumbers. Or a smoothie. Dinner will be a small meal if I skip the gym the next morning or, if I know I will work out, load up about 3 hrs before I go to sleep. My day starts at 4 am at the gym. I love powerlifting. Gives me great focus and energy. The pasta with all those carbs I load the night before is needed to sustain such a heavy workout. 

Regarding the pasta, try this: let yourself have one cup of cooked pasta. Add one cup of veggies and whatever protein you like. This is a lot of food containing not so many calories. Remember, a regular stomach is about the size of a fist. So, if you feel it is more than you can handle, stop eating. Allow yourself to come back to it 30 minutes later if you need more fuel. And if you don't, save it for later. I think the best advice to get a little control over your waistline is this: stop overeating TODAY. 😘

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