Fiber has become a huge issue for many of us.  

Most foods we eat have become so refined that they have little to do with the natural world and contain barely any fiber after processing. My guess is that most of us don’t know why fiber is needed until we have belly aches and potty issues. When we go see the doc, we get sent to the supermarket to pick up a can of lab-made fiber. We then mix that fiber into a glass of water and feel cured 2-3 days into it. 

Many of us never even read or question the nutritional information PRINTED ON THAT CONTAINER. Why? I do not know. We pick good gas for our cars. Why are we picking junk fuel for ourselves and then wonder why we don’t feel our best most days.....let’s change that. TOGETHER💪💪💪 

This is part 3 of our journey to re-training our taste buds.  

I do hope that more and more of you queens and kings out there are at least thinking about joining us. Even if it’s only for one day. I call that progress😍 

Now let’s get to it.  


Below are 2 links I'd love for you to read. The first one is a fiber 101 article. A basic educational article of what fiber actually is and why we need it. 


Then there is the second link.  


Meghan Telpner is a Canadian nutritionist and so much more. Read her article. I so much agree with this article and how we get misled by how our modern world packages and presents food, dietary supplements, and such. 

By showing you guys how to- retrain your taste buds we are showing how to relearn, appreciate, and enjoy natural foods. We are showing you how to intake most fiber, nutrients, and vitamins you need for your body through natural foods.  

We all need a little help from doctors and the health food store.

But we can eliminate LOTS of it by eating right. 



Eating a plate full of salad can be boring and it certainly is time-consuming. I am usually a super-fast eater. Yep, I admit it. All the slow chewing and eating gets on my nerves. I am not the type of person who goes crazy over a good meal daily. I just want to not be hungry, have great, clean energy, and know what I eat is good for me. 

So here is your basic daily homework for the next two weeks: pour a glass of 100% natural juice into your blender. I used pineapple juice in this case. Then add your greens. Whatever you have on hand just let it be on the dark green side. I had a spring mix salad sitting in the fridge today. 

 Start the 2-week challenge with just a handful of lettuce, spinach, kale, parsley, or even cilantro if you like. Zap it. And there you have it. A salad in a glass!! Lots of fibers and vitamins in your belly in a jiffy. 

Even a salad hater will consider this option in order to have more energy, fix belly and bathroom issues, and feel less hungry at the same time.  

Do this every day for 2 weeks. Increase the amount of greens if your body allows you to. Watch how your energy levels will go up already on day 3. Watch how you start pooping regularly. Watch how you are going to be less hungry. Why? You're eating (or drinking in this case) natural fiber. Not the stuff you buy in a plastic container that contains sugars, artificial coloring, and other nonsense. 


Now if you want to be really good to yourself, add some flax seeds. You have just combined soluble and insoluble all natural fibers.  

I suggest you start drinking this when you want to take your afternoon nap...that hour or 2 where we start feeling tired and wait for our workday to come to an end.  

Why? Leafy greens also contain chlorophyl.....the stuff that wakes you up like coffee. It gives you the energy needed to make it through the rest of your day AND it will allow you to skip your midafternoon snack. ...the candy bar, the donut or that bag of chips. All of which are things that make you even more tired and cause weight gain. 


I will document my 2-week fiber challenge on my IG account @warmables2001. Join me! 

Right now, I weigh about 3 lbs. more than I normally do. Those of you who do not know me yet: I am almost 55 years old, 5’9” tall and I am a gym rat. 150 is a good, healthy weight for me as my job (running the production facility for Warmables) requires a lot of energy and heavy lifting all day long.  

I've been lifting heavier weights than normal at the gym the last 6 weeks and bulked up a bit. Let's see what will happen with that weight over the course of the 2 weeks. 

TAKE THE CHALLENGE. It requires nothing you cannot get from your local supermarket and does not cost more than 2-3 bucks a day. 


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