The first thing I ask from clients when they ask me to help with weight loss is a picture of what she or he comes home with from the supermarket or gets delivered.

   To me, it is a precise indicator of how and what a person or family eats.

Do the same after your next food run. Put it all on a table and sort it a bit.



Veggies/ Fruit

Meats/ Seafood/Tofu

Dairy/ Cheese

Sweets/ Snacks

Drinks/ Soda/ 


If most of your piles are packed in boxes, my guess is that you are eating a carb loaded diet high in sodium. Most frozen meals contain insane amounts of salt, so do many snacks and pre-packed kid's lunches.

If most of your piles are fruits and veggies, my guess is that you might be eating a lot of healthy stuff but not necessarily enough protein to build new muscle mass. The more muscle your body builds the more calories it will burn. Yep, even if you are just sitting around.    

And if most of your piles are made of meat, fish or poultry you may need a bit more fiber and vitamins in your system for optimal digestion and therefore energy. Without a steady “turn-around” your body will not reach optimal energy levels no matter how high your protein intake is.

In my opinion, we need a balanced combination of the foods that work best FOR YOU. And that is exactly what I aim to find out with and for every one of you as an individual person.

I am neither a nutritionist nor a doctor of any sorts. I have no degrees in the field of food/ health besides a baker/pastry-chef/ chocolatier degree from my past life.


What makes me think that I am a food expert is that I have eaten most of my meals made from scratch for my entire life. I am 55 years old, healthy, work long days, go to the gym regularly and still have enough energy to explore new things in my spare time.

In my humble opinion , the simple and unprocessed foods I mostly eat enable me to function on my high energy level day in and out.

Personally I eat a meat free diet. However, I think we all function best when we eat foods native to wherever we grew up. By that I mean the following: if your roots are in the Caribbean, seafood and fresh fruit is probably what your body is most comfortable with.

If you come from northern europe like I do, potatoes, bread and dairy are your staple. And if you come from Asia there is a good chance that you prefer a lot of rice, fish and a large variety of vegetables with little or no dairy products.

I do not think that forcing yourself into eating the latest fad diet will benefit you, me or the next person in the long run. Reaching and holding a weight that keeps us energized, comfortable and healthy should not be considered a diet but a lifestyle, treated and respected as such.

Most of my recipe suggestions will be vegetarian. My meals are simple and fast to make as my focus is on nutrition, protein and budget. 


I work long hours and need the energy to get through my day; I lift heavy at the gym and need the protein to build muscle mass; and I cook on a budget because, to me, the simplest foods are best for my body. Plus, I rather use the extra cash for traveling and meals cooked for me while I do so.

My dear friends! Commit right here and now to creating your new lifestyle. We can do this together; slowly; one little step at a time.

Ask me questions using the comment box below. I will anser them as good as I can. 

If you have a favorite food recipe you would like me to make and review, send it my way via email: info@warmables.com    

Your homework for this week: become aware of what you buy, cook and eat. Sort out your groceries and send me a pic or two in order for me to help you roughly sort things out with you.


And your first task for the week: drink one glass of water BEFORE each meal. 

Until next week😄

Yvonne and the Warmables team

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