Balanced meals are the ticket to shedding some pounds in my non- professional opinion. Especially if we decided to do intermittent fasting.  

Personally, I eat anytime I like, even when I need to reduce my weight. However, I focus on protein and portion size, add more veggies and salads, and I certainly make sure to drink at least one gallon of water during weight loss phases. 

There are many great meal options all over the place. The following is a easy-to-make recipe. It takes little time, tastes like a chef made it, it is balanced and low in calories despite using cheese and heavy cream. The trick, in this case, is moderation of dairy products and lots of fresh veggies. I am not a fan of fat free cream, cheeses or anything for that matter. For me, they do not take away the cravings for a rich, creamy meal and leave me wanting more which ultimately leads me to give in and indulge. I nip those craving in the butt by eating the real thing from the get-go. 




1 lbs. of your favorite pasta, cooked in broth 

1 lbs. fresh asparagus, cut into short pieces 

3 carrots, shredded 

2 tsp oil 

2 cups cherry tomatoes, halved 

Lots of minced or pressed garlic 

1 ball fresh mozzarella, cubed 

½ cup parmesan, graded 

1/2 cup heavy cream 

Red pepper flakes, black pepper, salt   



Cook pasta in broth and set aside along with some of the pasta water. 

In a large skillet, blacken asparagus and carrots in oil, add plenty pepper and some salt. Add as much garlic and pepper flakes as you like along with the tomatoes, cook until fragrant. Turn off the heat and add chesses along with the heavy cream and pasta. Let it all melt into each other. Add a little broth to create more sauce. Serve as is or along with any protein you like. 

400 calories  

10 gr. Protein 

Makes 6 servings. Serve as is or along with any protein you like to increase protein count.

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