Keto Food Pyramid

The countdown is on. I got 9 days to go. I’m back to normal at the gym and had 2 great workouts over the weekend. I keep on sleeping like a baby which is unusual for me. My focus is always at 100% so I don’t see a change there. Food bores me, so I basically stuff everything I need into the blender and gulp it down. I’m absolutely not hungry. I don’t have specific cravings; I just want a plate of food including potatoes or pasta accompanied by a mountain of veggies. My digestion is just fine as I drink digestive teas to make sure all is as it should be.

I going to push the gym over the next 9 days. Curious where that goes. All in all, I seem to be in the same place as I was 21 days ago. Hopefully I’ll get to witness that insane energy that is supposed to hit when in ketosis. I am wondering if eating high fat, high protein and basically skipping carbs and fiber can be healthy long term.

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