Neoprene Warmer Sleeve 2-pack, 2 variants

  • stay safe, bring a warm meal from home
  • includes 2 Food Warmer Sleeves and 4 Lunch Bag Warmer Packs
  • enables you to keep food warm longer while on the go
  • use it for your lunch, your thermos, baby bottles or anything that needs warm or cold keeping
  • bring a home-cooked meal, stay safe and fit, save money
  • great for individuals with dietary restrictions, food allergies, picky eaters, people on a budget or without microwave at work
  • manufactured in the USA using the highest quality materials
  • The sleeves are sized to hold the green and blue Lunch Containers sold on our site.

Warmables Warmer Sleeves keep food warm longer when used with your insulated lunch bag. Our custom designed Neoprene Warming sleeve measures 9"X8" and holds food storage containers as large as 6"x4"x2". The sleeves stretch and will hold differently sized food storage containers. Used to keep your thermos warm longer; take lunch to school or the office; bring babies milk to the playground. Also included are 4 lunch bag warmers to pre-heat the sleeve and your lunch bag. Detailed instructions come with each shipment.

  • $56.00

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