Period Cramp Heat Pillow, 3 colors

Ladies. If you get bad cramps, you must have this pillow! 

Like all our heat packs, this square pillow is filled with natural cherry pits. Once warm it offers a deeply penetrating and moist heat without adding water. The moment you lay this heat pack on your tummy you will feel more relaxed. Enjoy it as it is or add a drop of essential oil. Dive deep into the realm of calm and relaxation. Forget what time a month it is for a little while and appreciate the magic of this heated and cozy pillow. Available in 2 sizes. Microwave or oven heat, fully washable. 100% cotton terry fabric. 


Each order is shipped with heating and care instructions. We use minimal packaging to avoid extra garbage. All plastic bags are made from recycled materials. 

  • $29.95