Madagaskar Ylang-ylang Essential Oil, 1 oz

Ylang Ylang offers a very exotic experience with its sweet, floral, and luxuriously heavy aroma. Its fragrance is a harmonious blend that seduces the senses, enveloping one in a delightful embrace of relaxation and arousal.

Renowned for its multifaceted nature, Ylang Ylang is celebrated as an antidepressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, and sedative. Its essence is like balm for the soul, known to soothe anger, alleviate anxiety, and calm fear.


Exercise extreme caution prior to using any of the oils, if at all: heart problems, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy, and/or immune deficiency. Dosages for children and the elderly should be diluted further. Oils should not be used on babies under the age of one. There are many excellent reference books available on the subject of essential oils and aromatherapy. We strongly recommend the user of essential oils reads up on the subject or attend classes to further become familiar with the wonderful oils. Store oils away from children. Warmables is not responsible for any health issues due to the use of the oils we offer.