Lunch Bag Warmers, 3-pack blue camo

      These small heat packs are used to preheat our Food Warmer Sleeves and Lunch Bags. The warmed-up Sleeves then keep food warm for 3-4 hours depending on the meal. They are ideal for young kids whose lunches get served earlier in the day. To keep food warm for 5-6 hours use our Hot Bottles. Those are simply amazing and keep your meals seriously warm.

                     Lunch Bag Warmers are filled with natural cherry pits


      Use our Hot Bottles for older kids and adults. The bottles will keep your food warm for 5-6 hours. All our products are shipped with instructions. 


  • Used to pre-heat Food Warmer Sleeves and Lunch Bags
  • each order includes a set of 3; heat in the microwave
  • Measures about 4"x3"
  • Best if used in combo with other Warmables Lunch Bag items
  • heating instructions included


    • $15.00

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