Lower Back And Spine Natural Heat Pack, 3 colors

Should you suffer from chronic back pain, this is the heat pack for you. 

 It measures 17 x 4.5 and is filled with 1.5 lbs. of cherry pits. It is heavy enough to make sure the moist heat can deeply penetrate your muscle tissue yet light enough to not cause more pain and discomfort. The pack instantly soothes aches and pains due to injury, muscle soreness, stress, fibromyalgia, R/A and cramps. Its natural cherry scent can be enjoyed as is or a drop of essential oil will quickly transform your rest into an aromatherapy session. The pack can be washed as is.  

Each order is shipped with heating and care instructions. We use minimal packaging to avoid extra garbage. All plastic bags are made from recycled materials. 

  • $29.95