Eye Pillow



  • Used to treat dry eye symptoms, headaches, migraines or simply to relax with    

  • WARMABLES Eye Pillows emit natural heat, moisture and hydration to provide rejuvenating and soothing relief for tired eyes; it’s an instant spa treatment at home or the office when needed   

  •  Filled with natural cherry pits. Drops of essential oils can be added for personalized aromatherapy. Fully washable, made of long-lasting, comfortable cotton terry  

  • Used and recommended by many eye doctors   

Filled with oz. of cherry pits. Our Eye Compress Pillows are an excellent and natural choice to treat dry eye symptoms. Once heated the pillow provides moist heat without the use of water. The weight of the cherry pits gently presses the warmth onto your eyelids. Used regularly this causes your eye glands to produce more of the oils needed to allow your tears to flow. It results in less use of artificial tears. Also sold in 2 and 6 packs.  

Made of 100% cotton terry cloth; filled with natural cherry pits delivered to us from Michigan's cherry orchards. This is a green, reusable, sustainable, washable product made in the USA from materials purchased and/or made in the USA.