If you are serious about packing warm meals and already have a well-insulated lunch bag, this might be your set to get started with.

The Food Warmer Sleeve measures 9"x8". It stretches to accommodate a bunch of sizes. It folds over easily if your lunch bag is on the smaller side. Along with it, you will receive 2 Lunch Bag Warmers, a matching Hot Bottle, and one Banana Box.

This set makes packing warm lunch fun, triggers your creative side, and opens up a ton of new options in the lunch packing department. It is a true game changer thru and thru.

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Each order includes: 

  • 1 Neoprene Food Warmer Sleeve
  • 2 Lunch Bag Warmers
  • 1 Hot Bottle with Protector Sleeve
  • 1 Banana Box
  • Instructions  
  • $51.00