Lunch Bag Hot Bottle, 2 variants

Keep your office or school lunches warm with our HOT BOTTLES! 

Simply fill the stainless steel bottle with a hot beverage or soup. Our neoprene heat protector sleeve will keep your hands from burning while the exposed parts of the hot bottle keep your food warm for up to 7 hours.  A video tutorial is listed with the product images below.  And yes, you can absolutely use one of the bottles you already have in your kitchen. Just wrap it in cardboard to avoid burning your hands. 

The Hot Bottle works absolutely wonderful when combined with our Food Warmer Sleeves and our highly insulated Lunch Bags. Foods like chili, stews, or pasta alfredo will stay warm until you are ready to eat. 


Each 20 oz. bottle ships with 2 heat protector sleeves. The Hot Bottles are created for older kids and adults only. THEY ARE NOT INTENDED TO BE USED BY YOUNG CHILDREN.   


  • $25.00