Mini Sleeve with Banana Saver, 5 colors

Warmables MINI sleeves are sized to hold small food storage containers for young kids or people with a small appetite. They measure 9x9", feature our standard Velcro closure, fit most standard lunch bags and are fully washable. Use them to keep food warm or cold. 

Each order includes one of our popular Banana Savers. A must when packing bananas!   

  • MINI sleeves hold any food storage container up to 6x4x2 or 2 cups of food and keep small meals warm between 3-5 hours depending on what you pack and outside temps 

  • The sleeve is roomy enough for  KIDS BENTGO SNACK BOX AND MICRO-STEEL SNACK BOX. Those and similarly cube like shaped containers are IDEAL to keep small food portions warm  

  • each shipment includes one WARMABLES  MINI , and one LUNCH BAG WARMER PACK and one BANANA SAVER  

  • keeps food warm longer when used with an insulated lunch bag 

  • keeps food cool when used with an ice pack instead of the included heat pack   

  • sized for young children or people with a smaller appetite 

  • perfect to use up dinner leftovers 

  • great for persons with dietary restrictions, food allergies, picky eaters, and where school-provided lunch is not an option 

  • sized to fit our insulated lunch bags( sold separately)

  • manufactured in the USA using the highest quality materials 

  • see our IG posts for heat retention tips 

Warmables Food Warmer Sleeves  keep food warm longer when used with your insulated lunch bag. MINI sleeve measures 9"X9" . Also included is 1 lunch box warmer to pre-heat the sleeve and your lunch box. Detailed instructions come with each shipment. 

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