MINI Warmer Sleeve, 3 colors

  • The sleeve holds KIDS BENTGO SNACK BOX AND MICRO-STEEL SNACK BOX. Those and similar shaped containers are IDEAL to keep small food portions warm for up to 4 hours. They do NOT hold our green and blue lunch containers as these sleeves are sized for small meals. 
  • includes Food Warmer Sleeve, and 1 Lunch Bag Warmer. 
  • helps to keep food warm longer when used with an insulated lunch bag
  • keeps food cool when used with an ice pack instead of the included heat pack  
  • sized for young children with a smaller appetite;
  • perfect to use up dinner leftovers
  • great for kids with dietary restrictions, food allergies, picky eaters, and where school-provided lunch is not an option
  • manufactured in the USA using the highest quality materials

Warmables Food Warmer Sleeves  keep food warm longer when used with your insulated lunch bag. Warming sleeve measures 9"X9" . Also included is 1 lunch box warmer to pre-heat the sleeve and your lunch box. Detailed instructions come with each shipment. 

  • $23.00
  • $29.00

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