Prepping for the day

The 2 zucchini I chopped up here are a fraction of my daily veggie intake. That will all change tomorrow. UGH😩😩.

This leaves the question of you know what: #2. With all the veggies, especially beets and beet juice, exercise and at least a gallon of water each day, I’m usually fine in that department. I also drink tea made from Cassia Angustifolia leaves sometimes. You all know it as “slim tea”.

It won’t make you slim unless you abuse it and it can hurt you seriously if you do so. It just makes you go if applied right. I learned over time how to dose and use it without having to worry about timing, cramps and such. So, my # 2 problem will hopefully be taken care of by a simple, inexpensive, totally natural cup of tea every day. I am curious how eating tons of fat and protein without the fiber from veggies will keep me regular. Cheers to that ya all and happy Sunday.

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