KETO Journey Day 4

I am now at the end of day 4 with my vegetarian Keto. I’m basically fine. My workday is normal, I don’t feel tired, hungry, moody or anything BESIDES: I can barely walk short distances. My heart starts beating extremely fast and I really have to focus. After my walk to work this morning I did have to lie down for a few minutes.

Tomorrow I’ll make sure to eat my first meal BEFORE I leave my house. I don’t think I’m in Ketosis yet as the described signs are absent. Plus I’m supposed to get extreme energy once Ketosis is entered. That is the one and only reason why I am giving this a try😛. I have skipped the gym this am and will do the same tomorrow. Saturday late afternoon is my next session, then again Sunday early evening.

As for the foods, the main image is called zucchini pizza, then we have broccoli-cheddar soup followed by zucchini pasta with Alfredo sauce.

They all taste fine. No wonder , it’s basically all fat dressed up in disguise 🧛‍♂️🧙‍♀️🦹‍♂️ have a good Halloween everybody. Tell me what you think about Keto....

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