Snapables Long Sleeve Raglan Shirt


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SNAPABLES Raglan T's are finally here! We take 100% cotton fabric and sew a T-shirt. Then we glue emoji's to snaps and press 4 receiving snaps into the shirt. And there you have a SNAPABLE, adorable T-shirt with exchangeable mini toys. 4 emojis, 1 large and 3 small bugs come with each shirt. 4 toys total can be snapped on to each shirt. Once completed we pack everything happily into a clear Chinese takeout container to make giving this gift ever so easy and fun. We make each shirt individually and all toys will vary, especially the bugs. Placement of the snaps on the shirts will also vary, we really make one by one and take our time giving each shirt it's individual look. Boys and girls love them equally to play with, count and trade them or exchange and share on the playground. Available in sizes 3-6; please see size chart and measure your kids before ordering. Our chart is given in inches to make it easy on everybody. More available SNAPABLES toys are listed separately to your children's delight. Made with much love and a smile on our faces by Yvonne and your Warmables team in Jersey City

Care Instructions

100% cotton
remove SNAPABLE toys, machine wash cold and dry.


We do accept returns of unused items. Please contact us for return authorization. No shipping will be refunded. Please see our size chart to ensure you are ordering the right size. We are a small family run business and we are trying to keep our and therefore your cost as low as we can on all products on our website. Thank you!

Raglan Shirt Size Chart

Below is our sizing chart. Measurements are taken off our Raglan shirts. This makes it easy for you to decide what will fit your kids best as no 2 children are exactly alike.

First measurement is back of neck to bottom of shirt 

Second measurement is taken around chest 

Size 3: back neck / hem: 14.5" around chest: 26" 

Size 4: back neck / hem: 15.5" around chest: 27" 

Size 5: back neck / hem: 16.5" around chest: 28" 

Size 6: back neck / hem: 17.5" around chest: 29"