Arthritis Hand and Foot Warmers




  • Warmables Arthritis packs release soothing, moist heat which calms nerves and muscle tissue in your fingers and toes instantly  

  • Sized to cover your hands or feet as shown in images to avoid too much heat causing discomfort    

  • Warms up chronically cold hands and feet due to high blood pressure medications  

  • Sold in pairs, one size fits all  

  • Filled with natural cherry pits, fully washable, heat in the microwave  


Warmables Arthritis and Rheumatism Gloves soothe that deep, nagging, annoying pain instantly. The packs are filled with natural pits. Due to them being hollow they release a moist and deeply penetrating heat. Nerves and muscles relax instantly and allow the patient to feel better on the spot. Just pop into the microwave and feel better moments later. One size fits all. Washable. Reusable. Sold in pairs. Instructions included in each shipment.  


Made of 100% cotton terry cloth; filled with natural cherry pits delivered to us from Michigan's cherry orchards. This is a green, reusable, sustainable, washable product made in the USA from materials purchased and/or made in the USA.