How it Works



WARMABLES offers a full line of lunchbox accessories.

They are created to keep food warm for several hours and make home cooked meals in school, at the gym and in the office possible.

Our concept is a complete game changer for all lunch packers.




 In order to keep food warm as long as possible you need the following accessories: 

  • A well-insulated lunch bag 
  • A food Warmer Sleeve 
  • A Hot Bottle or Lunch Bag Warmers    




            • Fill your HOT BOTTLE with boiling water or any hot beverage. Put it inside the FOOD WARMER SLEEVE for pre- heating while you warm up your meal. 
            • Remove the bottle and place the hot food in the now preheated FOOD WARMER SLEEVE. 
            • Pack both, your food and the HOT BOTTLE in your insulated lunch box. That’s it😊 your food will stay warm for 5-6 hours. 
            • If you choose to use the HOT BOTTLE for younger kids, put the bottle into the bottom compartment of our lunch bag and lock it with a provided zip tie.    


            Lunch Bag Warmers will help keeping your food warm for 3-5 hours depending on what it is you pack. They are ideal for our youngest kids' lunches as they are small and light.   


            Microwave: put pit packs on a towel and heat in 30 second intervals on low until hot. Be careful not to burn the cherry seeds. 
            Oven: put the heat packs in a 200-degree oven for 20-30 minutes. The seeds do not burn heated at 200 in the oven and stay hot much longer when oven heated. 
            Once heated follow the steps for the HOT BOTTLE above. Leave the warmers in the sleeve along with your food. We recommend using the heat packs instead of the HOT BOTTLE for very young kids. However, warm time for meals using the packs generally is around 3-5 hours. 


            • Stove and oven heated food stays warm longer 
            • Packing food in a glass or stainless-steel container keeps food warm longer 
            • Moist foods such as stews, mac’n cheese, or mashed potatoes hold heat longer 
            • More food stays warm longer, huddled together like penguins. Do not spread food out, it will lose heat fast if you do.    
            • Packing hot and cold together does not work by nature. Sorry!  

            Below you will find a more detailed description of all our products. It will help you to make the decision of what works best for your needs.


            WARMER SLEEVES are a mini version of the bags pizza delivery services use. They hold heat well. We offer them in neoprene and cotton prints. The neoprene is custom made for us and made of several layers of materials. It keeps heat in and cold out for extended periods of time.

            The cotton prints also are made using several layers of materials including USA grown cotton. Warm time is the same as for the neoprene WARMER SLEEVES. We use unbleached cotton to keep it as natural as we can without compromising results.

             LUNCH BAG WARMERS 

            Our LUNCH BAG WARMERS are filled with cherry pits. Cherry pits have been used throughout history before houses had heat. They would be put on the ceramic wood stove during the day and later into beds to warm them up in the freezing winter.

            WARMABLES uses them in a smaller version to pre heat WARMER SLEEVES and LUNCH BAGS. The LUNCH BAG WARMERS get heated in the microwave or oven. Our cherry pits are shipped to us from Michigan orchards after they undergo 2 stages of an all-natural cleaning process. We like using the seeds because they are completely natural and sustainable. 

            HOT BOTTLES 

            We simply wrap a protective neoprene sleeve around a stainless-steel bottle. Filled with a hot beverage the neoprene bottle sleeve keeps your hands from getting burned while the exposed bottle parts keep your lunch warm. These bottles can be" locked" into the bottom compartment of our Lunch Bags when used for small children. If you already have a bottle, you can just tape some cardboard or fabric around it for the exact same results! 


            LUNCH BAGS 

            WARMABLES LUNCH BAGS are highly insulated to keep heat in longer than your average lunch bag. They feature a roomy top and a small bottom zipper compartment along with an outside pocket. Top compartment holds your lunch and a hot bottle to keep food warm. The bottom compartment can be used to store the hot bottle for younger kids' lunches or snacks. It locks with zip ties provided with each purchase of our SUPER SETS.     


            What a fantastic invention! 

            BANANA BOXES keep bananas from getting all mushy while on the go. We purchase those from a very friendly, family run business. BPA free and made in the USA.




            We love those containers. They are made from recycled bottles and are large enough to hold enough food for hungry teenagers and husbands. They fit into all our Warmer Sleeves and Lunch Boxes.  



            In general, keeping food warm while on-the-go takes a bit of rethinking of how you heat and pack your food. Using WARMABLES is an ideal solution for health focused and concerned families or individuals. It is a complete and much welcome game changer for all who pack their food. Warmables makes is possible to pack a hot meal in a regular food container and keep it warm for up to 6 hours. We simply use a stainless-steel bottle containing hot liquid to keep our lunch bags super warm. Our neoprene protective sleeve allows you to hold the bottle. School lunches for our young kids are kept warm with small heat packs filled with cherry pits. Both are incredibly simple and all natural concepts that will change the way you pack food starting today.  

            WARMABLES are hand crafted in Jersey City. All our products and materials are purchased in the USA. We choose all our products and materials with nature in mind. We recycle, pay attention to carbon footprint and generally try to be as green as we can. Why? Because we care and feel that all of us are responsible for the planet we live on together.