About us

Warmables was born in 2009 with the idea of sending a young boy off to school with a warm meal in his lunch box. The challenge was keeping it warm til noon. I am that boy's mom and with his help, I succeeded. My son is now in college and we have sold thousands of our Food Warmer Sleeves throughout the US. Thinking back, the hardest part was explaining to concerned parents that keeping food warm for a few hours is perfectly fine. The concept caught on. While many companies now offer mass-produced heated lunchboxes, Warmables is still HANDMADE, naturally, and sustainably made. What I am most excited about and proud of is that we still source all our materials and supplies right here in the USA. 

  • Our cherry pits come from MI cherry orchards. 
  • Our ripstop fabric is made in FL 
  • Our battings come from WA 
  • Our Neoprene is custom made for us in CA 
  • Our food storage containers are made from plastic bottles in MA 
We hand make all our products right here in our sewing studio in Jersey City with the help of local seamstresses, high school kids, and other helper bees. All our hired help is paid fair wages, we offer the young adults a good first job experience, and we all smile while we cut, sew, glue, create, and think about future possibilities!